Wedding Suits

There are many different styles of wedding suits available in men’s clothing and the type of suits or tuxedos that are chosen depend upon the formality of the wedding, season of the year, and personal taste. While it is more common for the male members of the wedding party to wear tuxedos, often a suit can be more appropriate for a less formal wedding and look just as classy as a tuxedo. There are basically three important things to remember when choosing wedding suits, which include, style, fabric and trim.

Wedding Suits

Wedding Suits

The three basic styles of men’s suits are English, Italian and American. The English suit does not have shoulder pads, has a high waist which is slightly fitted, can be single or double breasted and has two or three buttons with side vents. The Italian suit has square shoulders and a closer fitting body with two buttons and no vents. Finally, the American suit has natural shoulders, a straight “boxier” type of cut, three buttons and a vest. A custom made or altered suit will always look better than one that is purchased off-the-rack, especially when it comes to wedding suits, but often when financial considerations must come into play, suit rental may be the best option.

Common suit fabrics are wool, silk, cotton, gaberdine and linen. The choice of fabric will depend on weather, and what kind of look is desired. Cotton and linen are good fabrics for summer wedding suits. Black, charcoal and navy are the most appropriate colors for a dressy occasion like a wedding. The trim on wedding suits may not seem very important but it’s often the little details that matter. Options include number of pockets, pocket styles, button materials, sleeve buttons and lining fabric.

For a classic look that is a little more formal than a standard suit, an ivory or white dinner jacket and black trousers is a perfectly acceptable substitute for a tuxedo especially for a summer afternoon or evening wedding.

When it comes to wedding suits, the options are many. With some careful consideration and planning, the perfect suits can be found, adding to the style and elegance of the occasion.

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