Tuxedos are an elegant form of men’s clothing worn primarily at black tie events and other formal events. A typical tuxedo includes a black coat with lapels, black bow tie, black pants, black shoes and a white shirt. During certain seasons, a tuxedo may include a white coat, usually in the spring and summer months.



Some clothing stores may offer a wide range of authentic colors, including red, navy, ivory, brown, silver and grey. Tuxedo wedding suits may come in a variety of colors and fabrics designed to complement the wedding theme and the bride’s dress. Tuxedos are usually made of polyester, wool and rayon. The styles of tuxedos are set by popular trends in men’s suits. Although tuxedos are usually worn at formal events, it is becoming more of the norm for men to wear tuxedo garments at semi-formal events and casual events to exude a particular status or demeanor.

Some of the largest designers of tuxedos are Christian Dior, Oscar de la Renta, After 6, Raffinati, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Cardi, Joseph Abbound and Ralph Lauren. Many authorized dealers of tuxedo designs receive the clothing directly from the manufacturer. Some of the popular tuxedo retailers are Men’s Warehouse and Eden Tailors, although there are many local tuxedo retailers located in each state.

If you are choosing to rent your tuxedo, you may encounter certain problems with the tuxedo due to the quality of the garment. However, many individuals choose to rent their tuxedo for one-time events, because the cost of renting a tuxedo is much cheaper than purchasing the tuxedo. If you choose to purchase your tuxedo, it is best to visit tuxedo retailers that sell new and authentic tuxedo clothing rather than purchasing one that may have been worn by many men prior to your purchase.

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