Men’s Suits

Men’s suits, both as a term and as a style, have been in existence since the early 18th century. A suit is a set of clothing generally consisting of at least jacket or coat and pants or trousers of the same cloth, quite popular in the world of men’s clothing.

Men's Suits

Men's Suits

There are many styles to choose from, casual as well as formal, double-breasted and single-breasted, two, three, or four-buttoned, suited to nearly every occasion one would choose to attend. In purchasing a suit, one should first consider the quality of fit required. Store-bought suits will not fit or look as well as one hand-tailored.

A hand-tailored suit will however cost considerably more. For those that do not wish to own a suit, suit rental is available nearly everywhere, but for those of an odd or difficult size a properly fitting suit may be hard to come by.

Men’s suits are typically made from wool, woven to present patterns such as flannel, fresco, tweed and gabardine fabrics. Linen and seersucker are popular choices for warm weather wear. Business suits are typically light grey, dark grey, black or navy. Brown and olive are choices for less formal wear, and summertime lends itself to tan or cream-colored suits. Dress shirts are always worn with a man’s suit, along with a tie that is darker than the shirt. Socks should be the same shade or darker than the suit, or match the shoes.

For extremely formal settings, the tuxedo makes an appearance. Tuxedos are typically black with a shawl collar or peaked lapel. The accessories, including cummerbund and bowtie, and shoes are always formal. Seen with and without tails, tuxedos have been the wedding suit of choice for many years. Tuxedo rentals are popular for formal proms and other formal social events as few can justify the expenses entailed in owning a tux.

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